Omicron Pi Omicron Presents Stuff-A-Truck

We are starting an annual Stuff-A-Truck can drive. The actives of Omicron Pi Omicron will be at Downtown Snell, Old Clarkson the entire weekend of November 12-14, 2010. We will have a box truck that we need to fill before we can leave.

Please bring canned foods and other non-perishable household goods. Toiletries are also welcome. Come out and help a great cause.

Recap on alumni weekend

Thanks to all those who were able to make the trip to potsdam for the Spring 2010 Alumni weekend. For those who attended, i think we can all agree to say it was fun to be had by all. Thanks again for the insight by the elders to the current actives on what steps to take in the relative directions. Hope to see everyone at Pig Roast.

Rush BBQ

This past saturday we had a rush Bbq. A few brothers bought some lawn games before hand which turned out to be a huge hit. Horse balls were fun for all.

Web Server and Software

I visited the house last week to fix the web site. Rather than continue to push uphill against the unstoppable urge to reset the router (the most common cause of our web site outages) I moved the web site to the same server that hosts my personal sites. Now that it resides outside the house we can expect at least 99% uptime. I also updated WordPress, the blog software that produces this web site, which is why those of you who log in to the admin pages will notice that the interface looks different.


It has been quite some time since the last post on this site because the site has been down…

For those who didnt attend, the 105th was great. We had a great group of alumni come back to support the actives and have a good time. Thank you to everyone who stopped by.

Alex Giles is currently working on bettering alumni connections. If you were not at the 105th and would like to be added to the current alumni contact list you can send him an email at and he will be sure to add you.

Check back for more info in the near future

Faculty Dinner

Well we just had our faculty dinner with nearly 10 faculty coming including President Tony Collins and all our favorite faculty from class. I think it was a big hit as all our teachers loved dinner and were suprised at the house. It was a big hit when we had faculty showing up even before the 6 o clock time line we set.

All around it was a great success and I think another faculty dinner in the future is a must.

UPDATE: Donation

I went to the bank yesterday to cash in all the money and cans we had collected. It all added up to a few cents shy of $450. Thanks to everyone who donated to make it possible to deliver a nice check to Amy Schroh who lost everything she owned in a house fire.

We plan on giving her this check at our upcoming faculty dinner in front of the rest of the Clarkson faculty.

Dorm Storming for Amy Schroh

It hit 7:30 pm on Tuesday the 11th when all the actives poured out of the house headed for the hill campus to dorm storm. They split up into groups to cover a majority of the dorms on campus to collect change and cans/ bottles. After meeting back at the house about an hour later, it was evident our goal to be able to donate a lump sum of money to Amy Schroh, the unfortunate Clarkson faculty who lost all of her belongings in an house fire, was succesful. After a few hours of sorting and counting, the total came in. Just change alone, without any cans we earned a total of over $390. Were estimating about $450 total after the cans are redeemed.

I just want to say thanks to those who helped us make our goal to help an important member of the Clarkson community.