Alumni Weekend

Well as the weekend comes to a close and alumni slowly leave Potsdam, its evident that we had one hell of a weekend. For those alumni who came, they know how it went. While breaking records at the bar with 187 Jager Bombs bought and full pitchers being thrown at me in the basement, i think we can all conclude it was an overall sucess.


We have set a date for alumni weekend. I know alot of alumni have been in communication with the actives and webdork. The date is October 4-5th. Alumni….. check out more information on the 105th celebration that will be taking place in 2009 right at 14 Leroy in Potsdam.

Check it out at


We’ve had two successful smokers in the past couple of weeks, each has seen a great group of people come through, including many old friends — and even some new faces! We saw a good crowd at the activities fair; where did our best to get our name out — we would of done better if it wasnt for Pat and his ridiculous flag.

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