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It’s Official, the first annual Active Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend was a huge success.   We raised over $4000, blowing away our original goal of $2500, and had 30 workers between Actives and Alumni in attendance. The goal of the weekend was to repaint the front porch. We accomplished that, and more.   Working […]

Active Work Week 2014

Building on the great work done by the active membership before the 110 celebration. The 2014 Active Work Week was a big success. Starting outside, The overgrown ceder trees were removed from the front of the house.  Luckily, the town is nice enough to pickup yard waste left on the curb. (whole trees included!) The […]

Labor Day Work Weekend

What: First Annual OTTO Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend When: August 29- Sept. 1, 2014 Where: 14 Leroy St., Potsdam, NY Purpose: Paint Front Porch and Pillars and possible other projects and to share good times and renew friendships. As a result of a great 110th OTTO birthday bash on July 12, 2014 in Potsdam, Chris Welsh (’04) (OTTO […]

110th Anniversary Follow-up

  Click the thumbnail for a larger version of the group photo from Saturdays BBQ! The Alumni Board would like to thank everyone who was able to join us in celebrating 110 years of OTTO this past weekend. We connected with some great alumni and raised some money for the house as well as the OTTO Foundation. […]

110 Preparations Continue!

The last few weeks have proven to be quite production for the gentleman inhabiting the house for the summer. Thanks to some serious efforts from Tim, Alex, Canaan the Garage and Circus Porch have been re-sided, and the entire Sun Porch exterior (windows included) have been torn down, replaced, and rebuilt before being sided. We […]

Great Upstate Wiffle Beer Challenge

This past weekend, around 30 folks from across the northeast corridor assembled for an event whose magnitude cannot be overstated.  BT, Phi K, and TEP all represented in what was the first Great Upstate Wiffle Beer Challenge! Coach Sheldon assembled a group of top prospects, and despite falling to BT in game 1,  freshened by […]


This years Stuff-A-Truck event kicks off this evening! Bring along that can of sweet potato’s from last Thanksgiving and pay the boys a visit down at Old Snell Lawn.

2011 Newsletter

Many of you may have already received the 2011 Newsletter. If you haven’t — here’s a digital copy for your consumption. Newsletter 2011 If you didn’t receive a newsletter, that means we don’t have an up-to-date address for you. Please shoot us an email using the Contact Us! link in the right-hand column and we’ll […]

Stuff-A-Truck Update

In recent weeks we have concluded that U-Haul will be donating a 14 ft. truck for us to fill. At this point, the location is still tentative as we are waiting to hear back from Clarkson, but we are hoping to use the lawn of Old Snell due to it’s location so near the center […]

Work Week 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting, but a huge thanks to all active and alumni attendee’s for this semesters work week!  Here’s a list of things that were completed, and a few photo’s for your perusal. Removed the piece of crap coke machine Removed the broken deep freeze from the basement Cleaned and organized the […]