2011 Newsletter

Many of you may have already received the 2011 Newsletter. If you haven’t — here’s a digital copy for your consumption.

Newsletter 2011

If you didn’t receive a newsletter, that means we don’t have an up-to-date address for you. Please shoot us an email using the Contact Us! link in the right-hand column and we’ll get you updated.

A big thanks to all of the contributors, and to Greg Moore and Will Cole for putting this together, printing, and getting it mailed out.

Look for another newsletter towards the middle of next year!

Work Week 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting, but a huge thanks to all active and alumni attendee’s for this semesters work week!  Here’s a list of things that were completed, and a few photo’s for your perusal.

  • Removed the piece of crap coke machine
  • Removed the broken deep freeze from the basement
  • Cleaned and organized the basement
  • Removed broken dishwashers, dryers, and washers
  • Power washed porches and some of the house
  • Sanded and painted the porch floors
  • Sanded and painted circus porch steps
  • Removed all of the useless wood in the basement
  • Cleaned the garage out

On top of that we also cleaned up the yard, and house from top to bottom.


It has been quite some time since the last post on this site because the site has been down…

For those who didnt attend, the 105th was great. We had a great group of alumni come back to support the actives and have a good time. Thank you to everyone who stopped by.

Alex Giles is currently working on bettering alumni connections. If you were not at the 105th and would like to be added to the current alumni contact list you can send him an email at alexander.giles@gmail.com and he will be sure to add you.

Check back for more info in the near future

Alumni Weekend

Well as the weekend comes to a close and alumni slowly leave Potsdam, its evident that we had one hell of a weekend. For those alumni who came, they know how it went. While breaking records at the bar with 187 Jager Bombs bought and full pitchers being thrown at me in the basement, i think we can all conclude it was an overall sucess.


We have set a date for alumni weekend. I know alot of alumni have been in communication with the actives and webdork. The date is October 4-5th. Alumni….. check out more information on the 105th celebration that will be taking place in 2009 right at 14 Leroy in Potsdam.

Check it out at http://www.omicronpiomicron.com/alumni