Around The House

Virtual House Tour (witty banter and stories coming soon)

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  1. Hey Bro’s the house looks great! Surprised to see that painting of the house over the mantel. We commissioned that painting from an artist at Potsdam State in recognition of our cook (Flo and Bob) back in 1984.

  2. Great to see these pictures. House looks awesome! My family and I will be passing through Monday, March 26th and would like to stop by.

  3. My dad was in this fraternity in 1950. Yesterday I found his old mug with the date and name.
    He was a hockey player during that time period.
    Clarkson was very good to my dad.
    Ken Brown
    Home town-Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
    His brother, Douglas Brown, also played hockey at Clarkson.

  4. Love to see the ‘new’ bar I built (with a lot of help from my friends) back in 80 (I think) Curse the Bobby Brown pledge class for dismantling the modular top and driving it down the road! Nice job actives and aluni over the years – keeping the place “up-to-date”.

    1. I was a member 1961-1964 and lived in the house during my senior year. I was the first non-North American (US or Canadian) student at Clarkson and at OPiO. I am Norwegian and living in Oslo, Norway as a retired professor of finance from The Norwegian Business School. During my senior year I was the editor of the college newspapern (gave up the position as the captain of the soccer team). The reason I came across this website is that I Googled OPiO because I am writing about my childhood and youth for my grandchildren. I am impressed of how fine the house is. In my days it was a bit run-down, primarily because we had no money for renovations.
      My first name is Pål in Norwegian, but used Paul in the US.

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