Labor Day Work Weekend

What: Ninth Annual OΠO Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend
When: Sat. September 3rd – Mon. September 5th, 2022
Where: 14 Leroy St., Potsdam, NY

It’s that time of year again. Summer is upon us and we are looking for your help with some labor day projects.  The Labor Day Fund Drive starts this week!

In 2021 we surpassed our goal of 25K, topping out at over 30,000 American Dollars

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Summer is here and it is time for our 9th annual OΠO Fundraising Campaign (July 5- Sept.5, 2022) to support the projects we will begin during our Labor Day Work Weekend event.

Our fundraising goal this year is $30,000 which will fund a long list of projects needed for the upkeep of our house at 14 Leroy Street.  Some are priority items that we can get done before school starts and others are longer term projects that have been put off for far too long.

This year’s projects include:

    • Repairs to the front porch – steps, lattice, bird deterrent, signage.
    • Securing the gas line in the basement.
    • Reenforcing and securing the fire escape.
    • Replacing a radiator fan motor and heating piping maintenance.
    • Repointing bricks and around foundation stones.
    • Adding supports to the kitchen flooring
    • Repair and replacement of the Sun Porch roof.  Damage from ice damming last year.
    • Replacing windows in the basement and second floors.
    • Repair front porch columns.
    • Electrical upgrades to the third floor and rewiring.     

While an average donation over the last eight years has been about $150 per person, we are asking you to dig deeper if you can this year. Many of you may have been withholding your regular Clarkson gifts in anticipation of our re-recognition. I urge you to direct some of those funds to our OΠO alumni fund.  These projects are important to not only maintain the house but to improve it and attract more pledges in the coming academic year.

Thanks to your support, Omicron Pi Omicron continues to provide a unique, life-changing experience for our active members. Join me today by donating to the OΠO Alumni Fund. Your donations support the current students and are tangible representations of our dedication to our fraternity.

Head over to our DONATE! page to chip in!

If you’ll be attending in person, head over to our Register page to let us know!

Thanks to all alumni for all that you do. Whether it’s your good thoughts, your volunteer work, or your generous donations. All help in any way is appreciated.


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