Stuff-A-Truck Update


In recent weeks we have concluded that U-Haul will be donating a 14 ft. truck for us to fill. At this point, the location is still tentative as we are waiting to hear back from Clarkson, but we are hoping to use the lawn of Old Snell due to it’s location so near the center of town. As mentioned, it will be taking place on the weekend of November 12th, the active brothers along with any alumni that would like to come up will be camping out on the lawn there until the truck is filled. SUNY Potsdam sorority Phi Kappa Pi will also be helping plan and organize the event, by getting flyers up far in advance all around town and on all 4 campuses of the local colleges we are hoping that there will be a huge turnout; the bigger we make this the better. There is a chance we will have live music at some point during the weekend and McLovin and myself may talk to the fire department about doing a bar-b-que on that weekend as well since they are right across the street. In addition to lots of advance notice, we’re hoping to attract a lot of donations by offering a prize to the student organization (greek, athletic, etc.) from any school that makes the largest contribution.

Mark you calendars! Lets make it a big weekend with LOTS of donations!

-Your friendly neighborhood neanderthal,

Cave Man Kyle (C.M.K.)

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