2011 Newsletter

Many of you may have already received the 2011 Newsletter. If you haven’t — here’s a digital copy for your consumption.

Newsletter 2011

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A big thanks to all of the contributors, and to Greg Moore and Will Cole for putting this together, printing, and getting it mailed out.

Look for another newsletter towards the middle of next year!

Stuff-A-Truck Update


In recent weeks we have concluded that U-Haul will be donating a 14 ft. truck for us to fill. At this point, the location is still tentative as we are waiting to hear back from Clarkson, but we are hoping to use the lawn of Old Snell due to it’s location so near the center of town. As mentioned, it will be taking place on the weekend of November 12th, the active brothers along with any alumni that would like to come up will be camping out on the lawn there until the truck is filled. SUNY Potsdam sorority Phi Kappa Pi will also be helping plan and organize the event, by getting flyers up far in advance all around town and on all 4 campuses of the local colleges we are hoping that there will be a huge turnout; the bigger we make this the better. There is a chance we will have live music at some point during the weekend and McLovin and myself may talk to the fire department about doing a bar-b-que on that weekend as well since they are right across the street. In addition to lots of advance notice, we’re hoping to attract a lot of donations by offering a prize to the student organization (greek, athletic, etc.) from any school that makes the largest contribution.

Mark you calendars! Lets make it a big weekend with LOTS of donations!

-Your friendly neighborhood neanderthal,

Cave Man Kyle (C.M.K.)

Work Week 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting, but a huge thanks to all active and alumni attendee’s for this semesters work week!  Here’s a list of things that were completed, and a few photo’s for your perusal.

  • Removed the piece of crap coke machine
  • Removed the broken deep freeze from the basement
  • Cleaned and organized the basement
  • Removed broken dishwashers, dryers, and washers
  • Power washed porches and some of the house
  • Sanded and painted the porch floors
  • Sanded and painted circus porch steps
  • Removed all of the useless wood in the basement
  • Cleaned the garage out

On top of that we also cleaned up the yard, and house from top to bottom.

Faculty Dinner

Well we just had our faculty dinner with nearly 10 faculty coming including President Tony Collins and all our favorite faculty from class. I think it was a big hit as all our teachers loved dinner and were suprised at the house. It was a big hit when we had faculty showing up even before the 6 o clock time line we set.

All around it was a great success and I think another faculty dinner in the future is a must.

UPDATE: Donation

I went to the bank yesterday to cash in all the money and cans we had collected. It all added up to a few cents shy of $450. Thanks to everyone who donated to make it possible to deliver a nice check to Amy Schroh who lost everything she owned in a house fire.

We plan on giving her this check at our upcoming faculty dinner in front of the rest of the Clarkson faculty.

Dorm Storming for Amy Schroh

It hit 7:30 pm on Tuesday the 11th when all the actives poured out of the house headed for the hill campus to dorm storm. They split up into groups to cover a majority of the dorms on campus to collect change and cans/ bottles. After meeting back at the house about an hour later, it was evident our goal to be able to donate a lump sum of money to Amy Schroh, the unfortunate Clarkson faculty who lost all of her belongings in an house fire, was succesful. After a few hours of sorting and counting, the total came in. Just change alone, without any cans we earned a total of over $390. Were estimating about $450 total after the cans are redeemed.

I just want to say thanks to those who helped us make our goal to help an important member of the Clarkson community.

Alumni Weekend

Well as the weekend comes to a close and alumni slowly leave Potsdam, its evident that we had one hell of a weekend. For those alumni who came, they know how it went. While breaking records at the bar with 187 Jager Bombs bought and full pitchers being thrown at me in the basement, i think we can all conclude it was an overall sucess.


We have set a date for alumni weekend. I know alot of alumni have been in communication with the actives and webdork. The date is October 4-5th. Alumni….. check out more information on the 105th celebration that will be taking place in 2009 right at 14 Leroy in Potsdam.

Check it out at https://www.omicronpiomicron.com/alumni