Work Weekend 2019 

Greetings Brothers,

Our main goal this year was to clean up the pantry and give it a refreshed look by adding a fresh coat of paint, new counter tops, cabinets, flooring, and 2 new refrigerators. 

The following is a play-by-play of how work weekend unfolded by alumni Tim Dammaan:

When I arrived around 8 am Saturday morning we began by removing the two original refrigerators and anything else that was left in the pantry. The actives had removed most of the stuff during their work week. An alumni ran out to the Bagelry to get 3 dozen bagels, cream cheese and eggs for breakfast. While eating breakfast the actives expressed concern about the rotten steps off the coffee porch and we decided to replace them. We then ran out to Lowes to get supplies and when we returned more alumni had shown up. 

We then split up into 4 groups containing both actives and alumni and got to work. Group 1 worked on demolishing and rebuilding the stairs. Group 2 worked on cleaning up the old furniture that needed to be thrown away and loaded up a truck with 5 old refrigerators that were taken to the scrap yard. Group 3 was in the basement cutting and digging a hole in the floor for the sump pump. Group 4 Worked on the pantry. The plumber then arrived around noon to begin installing the urinal in the first-floor bathroom.

We then broke for lunch at 1 pm when three sheet pizza’s were delivered from Sergi’s. After lunch we got back to work on our projects. By the end of Saturday Group 1 had dug and poured new footings. 4 posts for the railing were installed, and the rest of the lumber was cut for installation on Sunday. Group 2 had taken 5 refrigerators to the scrap yard and filled the dumpster with trash. Group 3 The new sump pump was installed. Group 4 Patched holes in sheetrock, replaced light bulbs, new ceiling tiles, flooring and cabinets were installed. The urinal had been installed as well. 

On Sunday we focused on finishing up the remaining projects. The stairs were finished being built. The pantry was sanded, 3 coats of new paint, new molding installed, and appliances were moved in. Two new toilets were installed in the first-floor bathroom. With the new sump pump installed the actives were able to power wash the basement walls and floor. Two new dehumidifiers with pumps were installed and the garden beds around the house were weeded.