Work Weekend 2019 

Greetings Brothers,

Our main goal this year was to clean up the pantry and give it a refreshed look by adding a fresh coat of paint, new counter tops, cabinets, flooring, and 2 new refrigerators. 

The following is a play-by-play of how work weekend unfolded by alumni Tim Dammaan:

When I arrived around 8 am Saturday morning we began by removing the two original refrigerators and anything else that was left in the pantry. The actives had removed most of the stuff during their work week. An alumni ran out to the Bagelry to get 3 dozen bagels, cream cheese and eggs for breakfast. While eating breakfast the actives expressed concern about the rotten steps off the coffee porch and we decided to replace them. We then ran out to Lowes to get supplies and when we returned more alumni had shown up. 

We then split up into 4 groups containing both actives and alumni and got to work. Group 1 worked on demolishing and rebuilding the stairs. Group 2 worked on cleaning up the old furniture that needed to be thrown away and loaded up a truck with 5 old refrigerators that were taken to the scrap yard. Group 3 was in the basement cutting and digging a hole in the floor for the sump pump. Group 4 Worked on the pantry. The plumber then arrived around noon to begin installing the urinal in the first-floor bathroom.

We then broke for lunch at 1 pm when three sheet pizza’s were delivered from Sergi’s. After lunch we got back to work on our projects. By the end of Saturday Group 1 had dug and poured new footings. 4 posts for the railing were installed, and the rest of the lumber was cut for installation on Sunday. Group 2 had taken 5 refrigerators to the scrap yard and filled the dumpster with trash. Group 3 The new sump pump was installed. Group 4 Patched holes in sheetrock, replaced light bulbs, new ceiling tiles, flooring and cabinets were installed. The urinal had been installed as well. 

On Sunday we focused on finishing up the remaining projects. The stairs were finished being built. The pantry was sanded, 3 coats of new paint, new molding installed, and appliances were moved in. Two new toilets were installed in the first-floor bathroom. With the new sump pump installed the actives were able to power wash the basement walls and floor. Two new dehumidifiers with pumps were installed and the garden beds around the house were weeded. 

Labor Day 2018 – One Upping Ourselves Again!

After 5 years of successful work weekends, I am running out synonyms to describe how awesome everyone involved is.  All in, we raised $26,300. topping our goal by 8K, and last year’s total by almost 4K.

We had 134 Alumni donate, and 6 Alumni volunteers show up to help out.

The biggest news for this year, is our Roof Replacement project is fully funded and work is set to begin at the end of September. Big thanks to everyone who has donated over the past 5 years and to everyone involved with the logistics of the project. Be on the look out for updates as the work begins.

This year presented a number of unique challenges. We actually finished our planned tasks faster than expected, even though the weather was not overly cooperative.

Our main goal for this year was to resurface the entire driveway and parking lot with new stone. After some measuring, it was calculated that we would need 78 tons! Luckily the folks at Perishville stone and gravel were up to the task. Little Dan was gracious enough to go up a day early and meet the delivery driver on Friday. All in, they had to deliver 3 full dump trucks of stone.


When I arrived at 8:15 Saturday morning, the guys were already hard at work spreading the stone.

We worked up quite the appetite with all that shoveling and broke for lunch around 1. (Thanks to Fitzgerald Brothers Vending of Glens Falls for donating some beverages to support our caffeine habit.)

After lunch it was time to start tamping, so much tamping.

And more shoveling.

While some other folks started on our secondary projects.
We painted some more eaves, This year marks one full rotation around the house. (although, there are some spots that could use another coat already.)

As well as making some repairs to the circus porch decking before it was sanded and repainted.

We also threw out all the interior furniture that had become outdoor furniture over the years and purchased some actual patio furniture for the front and circus porches (not all pictured).

What was surprising, was we managed to finish almost all of this work on Saturday. It was good thing too, because it absolutely poured on Sunday.

Unfortunately, due to sustaining an injury Saturday evening, i was forced to leave early. As i hobbled toward the car Sunday morning, Alumni were leading the Actives in a vigorous cleaning of the kitchen to avoid the rain.

As another fund raising season ends, i would like to personally thank everyone that has donated and volunteered, We cannot do this without you.

Thank you to Terry -TZ- Moran for continuing to spearhead our fund raising campaigns. As well as Lew Blum and J.R. Augustine for lending Terry a hand this year.

Thank you to all our 2018 Alumni volunteers: Dan Rissacher, Tim Dammann, Chris Welsh, Logan Adams, Calvin Flood, and Canaan Nelson.

Thank You,
Chris Welsh ’06

Relay For Life 2016

The Active Chapter is once again participating in the Relay For Life of Clarkson University on Friday, March 25, 2016.
They could really use your help in the fight against cancer!

If you would like to help, please head over to the Omicron Pi Omicron Team Page and donate today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to active member Victor Mars ( and he would be happy to assist.

Labor Day 2015 – Mission Accomplished!!!


We started out with one goal for the 2015 Labor Day Work Weekend, to out do 2014. I am happy to say we succeeded and then some.

I would like to start out by thanking all of the donors who made the great work we did possible. We destroyed our original fund raising goal of $3,500, then blew past our $10,000 stretch goal to a final total of $11,364.27. That is truly remarkable and shows what we can achieve together. There are too many donors to list here, 65 in total, but please know you have our sincerest thanks for your donations. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who challenged their fellow brothers to match their donations. This had a tremendous positive impact on the event. One cannot discuss the fund raising for these weekends without mentioning Terry -TZ- Moran. His tenacious E-Mail campaigns  have been the backbone of our fundraising efforts (as well as the bane of everyone’s spam filters).

I would also like to thank all of our alumni volunteers for donating their time, sweat, and sanity (assuming they had any to begin with).


A special shout out goes to JR Augustine for his relentless work in finding a new stove for the kitchen, and it is a beauty! JR found the stove outside of Philly and also trailered it all the way up to Potsdam for us.


Also to Tim Dammann for once again leading our construction efforts. His tireless pre-event organization and breadth of knowledge has been key to the success of these weekends (I’m not sure that is the proper use for that tool).


Our original goal was to simply build on the great efforts of last year and continue repairing/painting down the sides of the house. Between the tremendous fundraising job and JR’s stove, We decided to doubled down and give the kitchen a much needed refresh as well. We decided to work on the kitchen as it is the main entryway into the house these days, and therefore the first thing the public and potential members see inside. In conjunction with the work done outside, it makes for quite a nice first impression.

The kitchen received new cabinets, counter tops, drop ceiling, moldings, stove, and one of the most through cleanings the house has ever seen. Anyone would be proud to call this their kitchen now.


Kit_Bfr_05 Kit_Bfr_03 Kit_Bfr_04 Kit_Bfr_07


Kit_Wrk_02 Kit_Wrk_20 Kit_Wrk_11 Kit_Wrk_06


Kit_Aft_03 Kit_Aft_18 Kit_Aft_29 Kit_Aft_25

However, that is not to say we skimped on the originally planned work. Focusing on the north side of the house (facing the field), we painted (and repaired where possible) the eaves, window trim and basically anything that is not brick.


Ext_Bfr_12 Ext_Bfr_02 Ext_Bfr_05 Ext_Bfr_08


 Ext_Wrk_02 Ext_Wrk_11 Ext_Aft_01 Ext_Wrk_03


  Ext_Aft_02 Ext_Aft_06 Ext_Aft_04

You would think we would be done with all that, but there was still the Nick Bernal back stair challenge. Using the funds raised we replaced, patched, mudded, and sanded the back stairwell. The actives were hard at work painting it as the day drew to an end. Be sure to be on the lookout for the completed photos in the near future.

All in we spent just over $5,000 on the weekends work. Early on in the planning phase it became easily apparent that we could not wisely and effectively spend all the money raised in just one weekend. The remainder of the funds have been earmarked for the impending roof replacement. We are currently in the process of vetting contractors, getting quotes, and assessing different roofing material options. With a current extremely rough estimate of $30K, the remaining ~$6,000 from this weekend is a welcome addition to that ongoing fundraising effort.

I would also like to make note of a project the actives are taking on independently, which is a full rehab of the Twilight Zone. the project is still in the demo phase, but they are making good progress. If it turns out half as nice as the last room they rehabbed, the sun porch, it will be sure to be a sought after room. I will be adding a separate blog post in the near future regarding the work done in the sun porch for anyone who may have missed it.

Moving into the coming school year, there will be a heavy emphasis on the roof. While this work will be mainly done by a contractor, that is not to say we will not be actively planning Labor Day 2016. Our current list of goals include finishing the eave repair, and other exterior beautification projects such as new landscaping. We are also assessing the feasibility of rehabbing some of the other high visibility first floor rooms in need of repair, such as the bathroom off the kitchen and the pantry/coat room. If you have any suggestions for projects, or would like to take an active role in the planning process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Labor Day 2015 was a rousing success.  We will continue to grow this tradition in 2016 and beyond.  We need alumni help in all arenas, whether you’re a skilled carpenter or don’t know what a Phillips head screwdriver is.  The benefit to the structure of the house is greatly improved with alumni assistance.  But more importantly, the presence of alumni willing to continue putting sweat into the brotherhood benefits the young men who are our active brothers and the fraternity as a whole. These weekends are just as much about bonding with and mentoring the active chapter as they are about repairing our beloved 14 Leroy st.

On behalf of; Terry -TZ- Moran, The Alumni Eboard, and the Active Chapter we sincerely appreciate your continued support of the organization.

Thank You


It’s Official, the first annual Active Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend was a huge success.



We raised over $4000, blowing away our original goal of $2500, and had 30 workers between Actives and Alumni in attendance.

The goal of the weekend was to repaint the front porch. We accomplished that, and more.


Working from 9am to 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday, we were able to:

  • Straighten, reinforce, and tack the columns.
  • Scrape and repaint the entire portico.
  • With the use of boom lifts we were able to reach the higher areas, all the way up to the peak.

Some our toughest judges, our neighbors, even stopped by to compliment us on the work.

I truly can not thank Terry “TZ” Moran enough for spear heading this endeavor. As well as the actives for all their hard work, The Alumni who came up to help, and all the donors. This was a group effort among all of you, and the results speak for themselves.

Last week we saw what the actives can do by themselves. This week, we see what they can really accomplished with the support and guidance of the Alumni. This event shows the positive momentum we as an organization are striving for.

Ideas for next year are being discussed right now. If you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to let us know at Eboard@OmicronPiOmicron.

Regardless of what project we chose, I’m excited for next year.

Enjoy some photos of the progression of the project.




group shot


Active Work Week 2014

Building on the great work done by the active membership before the 110 celebration.

The 2014 Active Work Week was a big success.

Starting outside, The overgrown ceder trees were removed from the front of the house.  Luckily, the town is nice enough to pickup yard waste left on the curb. (whole trees included!) The photo of the front of the house, i will admit, leaves a little left to be desired. So be sure to check out my next post about the Active Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend to see it in all its glory.

After that, they moved to the driveway where the rotting landscape timbers were replaced, and the area primed for some new landscaping.

Moving inside, The Sun Porch had fallen on hard times due to a lack of proper exterior building materials and practices. The exterior was re-sided before the 110 celebration, so they turned their attention inward. With the interior demo completed, new framing and electrical were added.

Along with the standard cleaning that comes with a work week, the basement received some special attention. After many years of service, the Dungeon had succumb to the persistent moisture of the basement. The room was demoed, so the space could be re-purposed. Excess electrical was also tidied in the area. The entire basement received a good scrubbing as well as a pressure washing.

With the new floor space that had been gained, and something needing to be built to commemorate the week’s events. A new set of tables only seemed fitting.

All this work created a lot of debris, so on the final day they cleaned, filling the entire dumpster.

I would like to personally thank the active membership for their continued work on house.

Great work gentlemen, and good luck with the coming semester.





Active Work Week 2014








10312468_10152522257819823_7843682346482409599_n - Copy

10556401_10152522257409823_6998895196565455015_n - Copy

10544410_10152522255569823_2998276331767512142_n - Copy


Labor Day Work Weekend

What: First Annual OTTO Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend
When: August 29- Sept. 1, 2014
Where: 14 Leroy St., Potsdam, NY
Purpose: Paint Front Porch and Pillars and possible other projects and to share good times and renew friendships.

As a result of a great 110th OTTO birthday bash on July 12, 2014 in Potsdam, Chris Welsh (’04) (OTTO Alumni Chair), Dan Rissacher (’00), Ted Ross (’81),  JR Augustine (’80) and Terry TZ Moran (’81) are promoting the Labor Day work weekend. We are arriving on Friday August 29 and working for two days August 30 and August 31.

Head over to the Labor Day Work Weekend page for more information!

110th Anniversary Follow-up


110 group pic3Click the thumbnail for a larger version of the group photo from Saturdays BBQ!

The Alumni Board would like to thank everyone who was able to join us in celebrating 110 years of OTTO this past weekend.

We connected with some great alumni and raised some money for the house as well as the OTTO Foundation. (Our charitable organization responsible for education related expenses and scholarships).

There were many a story swapped, many a beverage drank, and the old timers won the wiffleball game. (regardless of what the younger guys have to say on the matter)

A special thanks to Mickey Booth and Brian Callaghan for helping put this event together.  As well as Mickey’s fiancé Keri, Canaan Nelson, and Andrew Dion for helping setup before the event.

Our thanks also to everyone who signed up for recurring donations. This small monthly donation of $10-$15 (really whatever you can afford) a month is crucial to the ongoing success of OTTO.  Whether it be at 14 Leroy St or on the Hill, there are upcoming expenses that the active chapter simply cannot shoulder on their own.

We have ~600 living alumni, we are working every day to get back in touch with more of them.  If we could get just a fraction of those signed up for a $10 recurring monthly donation, the difference made would be immeasurable.

On to the specifics.


The winning foursome:

  • Bob Findley (’81)
  • Greg Elsner (’79)
  • Kent McManus (’79)
  • Annie McManus

Homebrew Competition Results:

1st Place (Tie)

  • David Meldrum (’64)
    • Honey Ale (made with honey from his own bees) – 14 votes
  • Wayne Chase (’92)
    • Juniper Ale – 14 votes

2nd Place

  • Dave Zeleznock (’05)
    • Kraut Pale Ale – 11 votes

3rd Place (Tie)

  • James Welsh (Chris Welsh’s father, he went to RPI, but we won’t hold that against him… too much)
    • Smoked Porter – 10 votes
    • IPL – 10 votes

Thank you to everyone who participated. The event was a great time, and everyone’s beer was delicious.  Additional thanks to all of the winners for donating the prize money back to the house.

110 Preparations Continue!

The last few weeks have proven to be quite production for the gentleman inhabiting the house for the summer. Thanks to some serious efforts from Tim, Alex, Canaan the Garage and Circus Porch have been re-sided, and the entire Sun Porch exterior (windows included) have been torn down, replaced, and rebuilt before being sided. We look forward to the cost savings we’ll see next winter with new energy efficient windows in a large exterior room that previously had old makeshift windows.

Great Upstate Wiffle Beer Challenge

This past weekend, around 30 folks from across the northeast corridor assembled for an event whose magnitude cannot be overstated.  BT, Phi K, and TEP all represented in what was the first Great Upstate Wiffle Beer Challenge!

2013-09-28 13.50.59-2

Coach Sheldon assembled a group of top prospects, and despite falling to BT in game 1,  freshened by a few Beer Die / Pitch breaks, regrouped our defense and managed to topple the gentlemen from BT to bring home the first ever Great Upstate Wiffle Beer Championship.

Defensive MVP candidates Eric Duma and right handed closer Nick HP Bernal propelled the group to victory in game 3.


Thanks to everyone who came, participated, brought food/beer/ice and helped set up!