It’s Official, the first annual Active Alumni Labor Day Work Weekend was a huge success.



We raised over $4000, blowing away our original goal of $2500, and had 30 workers between Actives and Alumni in attendance.

The goal of the weekend was to repaint the front porch. We accomplished that, and more.


Working from 9am to 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday, we were able to:

  • Straighten, reinforce, and tack the columns.
  • Scrape and repaint the entire portico.
  • With the use of boom lifts we were able to reach the higher areas, all the way up to the peak.

Some our toughest judges, our neighbors, even stopped by to compliment us on the work.

I truly can not thank Terry “TZ” Moran enough for spear heading this endeavor. As well as the actives for all their hard work, The Alumni who came up to help, and all the donors. This was a group effort among all of you, and the results speak for themselves.

Last week we saw what the actives can do by themselves. This week, we see what they can really accomplished with the support and guidance of the Alumni. This event shows the positive momentum we as an organization are striving for.

Ideas for next year are being discussed right now. If you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to let us know at Eboard@OmicronPiOmicron.

Regardless of what project we chose, I’m excited for next year.

Enjoy some photos of the progression of the project.




group shot